Monday, July 18, 2011

Demarketing Canadian oil

Vivian Krause was in New York last week briefing journalists about ENGOs', funded by American foundations, working to "demarket" Canadian oil:

... At the present rate, American foundations are on track to spend half a billion dollars (roughly $50 million per year) funding the environmental movement in Canada, over the next ten years. ...


Alain said...

The Americans are not the only ones in need of oil, so I suggest we market our resource elsewhere where it is welcome and appreciated.

Patsplace said...

This is not the actions of Americans, this is the actions of New World Order folks....and if you don't think they know best, just ask'em!!

Anonymous said...

We have "ethical oil" and they do not.
Our conservative Government is marketing our fine Alberta Oil to China.
We don't need bird choppers or solar panels.
One day we will look back at the deluded greenies as some sort of weird "cargo cult".
Their leaders are buying waterfront property all the while telling us "the oceans are rising"
We are cleaning the oil out of the sand in Alberta, leaving it way better than it was.
Cheers Bubba

Jen said...

Nova Scotia has the 'TAR PONDS- a man made lake like which in it contains chemical waste. No sign of Elizabeth May or the media or any protesters hovering around demanding that the provincial government do something about it.

The oilsands a natural made source of the ground from fossils is contantly under attack.

If oilsands was located in Quebec or Nova Scotia where the tar-ponds is located, I don't think for one minute that Liz May or any other would make the mistake of humilating either province in the international scene.

Jen said...

The 'greenies' sure love the oil.... how- they live in it; wear it; eat it and use it every day.

JR said...

The American foundations, whatever their agendas (and they don't favour Canadian interests), are certainly a big problem. Another two biggies are: the assorted Canadian eco-dupes/fanatics, traitors and greedy opportunists who take American money, and; American opinion makers who, in their ignorance and/or malevolence promote American political action against our interests.

Vivian Krause deserves accolades for her great work exposing all the bad actors (both here and in the USA) and their anti-Canadian agendas. Go Vivian!

Anonymous said...

since when does $50 million translate into half a billion?

Your missing a digit there sir, you may wanna fix that typo.

Anonymous said...

I suppose oil should just be left in the ground for a rare natural disaster to make a mess of.

Imagine their precious trees being hit by a lighting during a dry season causing a fire to whip up near a natural oil patch.
explosive earthquake ensues. large enough to lead deep into the sea causing a tsunami.

"mother gaia angry." indeed.

JR said...

Anon1, Hmmm, let's see, $50M/year X 10 years = $500M is pretty darn close to half a $billion, wouldn't you say?

Anon2, That's right, we should just let it lie uselessly in the ground while we freeze in the dark. Or maybe the "peak oil" crowd could speak to the eco-freaks and let them know we're almost out of oil, so they should stop fretting.