Monday, July 11, 2011

Why a loony leftoid "journalist" quit CTV

A young, wet-behind-the-ears, lad by the name of Kai Nagata explains (at length and with mondo self-aggrandizement) why he quit CTV as Quebec City Bureau Chief. In doing so he spouts every dearly held leftist belief, shiboleth and rumour in the book - Fox News, Sun News, CBC, Stephen Harper, Jon Stewart, global warming, prisons ... It's a riot! One tiny example:
... even though I had the disposable income, I never bought a television. I was raised without one, and once I moved out on my own I decided I didn’t want one in the house.

... Consider Fox News. What the Murdoch model demonstrated was that facts and truth could be replaced by ideology, with viewership and revenue going up. ... Well, Canada now has its Fox News. Krista Erickson, Brian Lilley, and Ezra Levant each do a wonderful send-up of the TV anchor character.
[So there we have it.  He doesn't own a TV but knows all about Fox News and Sun News. I guess he watched a lot of that on the job whilst covering the Quebec political beat.]
Also, aside from the laughs, what that did for me was lower my opinion of CTV yet another couple of notches.  How the heck did that young twit ever get appointed as CTV's (biggest private network in the country) Quebec City Bureau Chief!?

[Hats off to Robert at sda where there's also a great comment thread.]


Anonymous said...

If you go to this idiot's site you will see MANY postings supporting him. *BUT* upon closer inspection you will find it's often the same people posting over and over again.

Who knows how many of these gushing boneheads posted a number of times under "sock puppet" names.

For that matter who knows how many of these supporters are Kai Ngata himself?

Anonymous said...

I've read the whole thing unfortunately and I think he was cut for budget reasons. They're probably just going to buy CP content for Quebec.

JR said...

Anon 1. Yeah, I see he's up to 628 comments now. Lot's of youthful lefty admiration for their rep from the school of self-esteem. But, as you say, if you winnow out the repeat posters it may be a lot less impressive.

Anon 2. Could be. But that still leaves open the question of why CTV would appoint a twenty-something naif to such a (presumably) senior post. Quebecers should be outraged - but, on second thought, how many Dippers did they just elect?

Alex said...

I get this weird feeling its all just slop. It's too cute. If its not all a lie then at least parts of it are a lie. The no TV, kid bureau chief quits because he's not allowed to be a flaming Liberal, just your average media person pretending not to be a flaming Liberal.

He's either too stupid to survive (so how did he impress his employers enough to get the job in the first place?) OR its supposed to be a viral pseudo press release introducing a new politician. Doesn't make sense otherwise. What is he going to become a leftard monk now? Will he chant chomsky to a crystal? nah I might just be setting significance to the acts of a moron but if this guy turns up as a Politician you'll know you were played.

Darren said...

Aside from the common left-leaning buzz words, what struck me was his manifesto was about the truth and then in the same breath he talks about suppressing his own opinion. A good journalist should be able to make his or her personal views ambiguous. Our (assuming we share the same opinion)complaint against CBC and CTV is that we know the leanings of the reporters and interviewers. We are all for truth, so there is no reason Kai could not have portrayed balanced information. The truth will rise to the top on its own merit.

Darren said...

As for his support, I am sure it would be of the same ilk that supported the page and pie-throwers. Those people don't write cheques to their party or show up to vote, so let them rant and then they can post about voter apathy.

JR said...

Alex, Darren, All good points. Future politician? Could be. Perhaps another budding Craig- Keilburger-type "activist".

Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled on this site by accident. I believe I have found the repository for the confluence of Conservative wackos and nut bars.

JR said...

Well, thank you!:) But that's undeserved - I'm really just a minor player. Though, if you want a true repository of "wackos and nutbars" head over here.