Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama's blame and scare tactics

President Obama addressed the nation yesterday on the US debt crisis. Two main themes were "Hope and change".  Nope, sorry, that's wrong! They were:

1) Finger pointing: (a) Bush did it! (b) Republicans are intransigent, and;
2) Scare-mongering: Raise the debt ceiling (on my terms) or granny’s gonna die
Even Lorne Gunter today buys into at least part of the Obama scare rhetoric. He seems to believe it's possible that the government could default:
...Yet if U.S. political gamesmanship leads to a credit downgrade on U.S. debt, or even a default, the consequences could be serious....
"Hardly" says former Clinton adviser, Dick Morris:

“There’s no way the United States is going to default on it’s debt. There’s no way we’re going to miss 5 minutes of payments.”


melvin said...

When a United States President truly
believe that smooth rhetoric can change an economy then it's all over, deal or not.
The sad part is that millions of Americans believe his crap. Perhaps our best move would be to ignore the silly bugger and save heartburn for another day!

Jen said...

The media helped in creating OBAMA into a god....so much so, that the americans (not all) said that they don't God anymore. Naturally, God left america in the americans new found god Obama's hands to deal with the problems.

Until the americans realize that OBAMA is no god of any kind and accept the one true God to help america through their mess, God will not help.

The USA is in a mess and all sides must accept responsiblility then, get together and pray for Guidance in solving their problems.

Don't feel ashamed to pray.

JR said...

Yup, Obama bin Lyin'.