Sunday, March 18, 2012

BC Senator Greene-Raine opposes carbon-offsets tax credits

In a speech before the Senate on March 13thBC Senator Nancy Greene-Raine opposed an amendment to the Income Tax Act which "would give tax credits to Canadians who invest in so-called carbon offsets" concluding:

In summary, I believe that the real focus of Canada's climate policy, the no-regrets approach that yields benefits no matter what causes climate change, must be to help vulnerable people and communities prepare for and adapt to inevitable climate change. We should also continue to support scientific research in the field so that some day we may be able to forecast climate to help us get ready for whatever nature throws at us next.
Bravo, Nancy!

Update: The amending bill in question is Bill S-205 sponsored by climate hysteric Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell (see also).



Roy Elsworth said...

in a way I agree with her I think we should get rid of carbon tax it is just another money grab I like things the way they were before kyoto and cap and trade. except I don't like the liberal government or the ndp. take it off of tvs and radios and computers especially in BC. I don't agree with her that we should support scientific reserch in forecasting climate change waste of tax payers money. almost like giving money to CBC.

Alain said...

I pretty much agree with Roy, but I differ a bit about supporting scientific research. The reason is that at present the government is already supporting this except that it is only supporting the climate warmers. In other words it is supporting a politically driven group in lieu of true scientific research. As long as we have the government involved through various departments and agencies, then let us ensure that they restrict themselves to science.

JR said...

Agree that any taxpayer sponsored science must be proper, objective science. Unfortunately, the climate change issue is so heavily politicized that will be very difficult to achieve.

Also note (see update) that the sponsor of the bill opposed by Sen Greene-Raine is Senator Grant Mitchell, a fanatical AGW true believer.