Friday, March 30, 2012

"Earth Hour" eco-fascism on the wane

Peter Foster:
... Enthusiasm for the dim-bulb stunt appears to have waned in line with climate hysteria, although the WWF is doing its best to keep activism alive in the classroom, the cubicle and the corporate suite. ...
... The WWF has lots of great ideas ... kids: have a contest to see who can “raise the most funds for WWF.” ...
... climate is so, like, 2008. Although you would never know it from reading the mainstream media ...
... Meanwhile, the climate policy process is collapsing.
How often did President Barack Obama mention climate change during his recent “all-of-the-above” U.S. energy tour?” Not once. ...
... Britain is abandoning its plans to force corporations to report their greenhouse gas emissions ... (although the lights will still go out on Saturday Night at Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament).
... Poland has blocked new European Union emissions targets.
... Other East European members of the EU are increasingly inclined to block targets permanently.
... “climate policy is no longer a big item on the EU’s agenda and the climate mania is gradually coming to an end after almost 20 years.”
And with it, fortunately, ecofascist nonsense such as Earth Hour.
Good riddance to "Earth Hour".

Celebrate "Human Achievement".

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