Friday, March 23, 2012

David Suzuki funded by Canadian billionaires

Peter Foster's excellent column today covers David Suzuki's efforts to silence "deniers" including his recent  robo-email campaign urging people to write to the Senate protesting certain Conservative senator's alleged attempts to silence "...those who don't share their positions."

I wasn't aware of this:
... Mr. Suzuki is also heftily supported by Canadian Establishmentarians such as the Bronfman family, Power Corp., Jim Pattison, and Gerry Schwartz.
Peter asks some pertinent questions:
Do these leaders and scions of capitalism grasp that they are supporting an anti-development fanatic who believes that anybody who doesn’t think like him on climate science is evil, mentally defective or a corporate shill? Do they agree with his 2008 suggestion that apostate politicians should be put in jail? Do they go along with his admiration for totalitarian Cuba’s “sustainability?” Do they support child-scaring propaganda such as his recent Christmas campaign based on “saving” Santa’s North Pole workshop? Do they fail to register that he demonizes “corporate profits and interests?” ...
It's time to start writing to these Suzuki-Kool-Aid guzzlers and get some answers.

Also, it's worth revisiting Ezra Levant's deconstruction of David Suzuki's 'virtual classroom' last November:


Anonymous said...

Suzuki was played.

Anonymous said...

"Do they fail to register that he demonizes “corporate profits and interests?” ..."

All who you mention above either have white liberal guilt or think the rules only apply to the little people.