Monday, March 12, 2012

Robocall protest - dozens rally across Canada

We've been told (repeatedly) that there are tens of thousands of complaints about supposedly fraudulent "robocalls": Over 31,000 to Elections Canada, over 42,000 signatures on a petition

On Sunday there were rallies across the country to protest and call for an inquiry. This report headline said "Thousands rally...".  The actual figures reported were:

"... Ottawa, about 30 people ..." 
"... 30 people in St. John’s"
"... Montreal, about 125 protesters"
"... Vancouver, more than 200"
"... Toronto, more than 500 people" [I've heard this is a CBC estimate, so say 150]
Out of all those thousands of complainers and petitioners that's it?! Oh, the outrage!

Post Script: My own small contribution to the Vancouver rally facebook page [over 4,700 invitations sent] garnered some negative blowback.

Also, BC Blue has the YouTube video of Sun TV's Jerry Agar with Eric Duhaime and a link to Blazing Cat Fur's coverage of the Toronto rally.


Anonymous said...

I was in the neighbourhood in Toronto. It was actually probably in the thousands.

JR said...

OK, that sort of tracks with BlazingCatFur's number of "1200 or so".

Alain said...

It would be both interesting worthwhile to know how many of them are takers and not producers. I wager that it is close to, if not, 100%. They also remind me of the Muslim rent-a-mob.

Roy Elsworth said...

I just went to the they are out of the state of vergina.check there out of the state of Virgina. why would they have an american website where people do conmplaints. for elections Canada. just don't make sense usa stay out of our democracy