Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rex Murphy - oil sands booster

Heeers Rex!
... The Premier of Ontario, a province that owes much of its prosperity to its huge automobile industry shivers when he looks at Alberta, mutters about the dark forces of the “petro-dollar,” and implied ... that somehow Ontario’s fretful financial state is Alberta’s fault. 
It’s almost a fantasy disconnect. Dalton Mcguinty can throw billions at General Motors and urge the feds to do the same, all to save the automobile industry. He ignores that four decades or more of Ontario’s prosperity wasn’t founded on windmills: It was based on gas-guzzling cars and trucks. ... 
... I can summarize the entire case very simply. The environment is not just what you see on green posters. It is not just sunsets and tall trees. It is also the people living in it. And people need energy, and people need jobs.
Bang on, as usual.


dmorris said...

There's the disconnect with McGuinty and so many of the Greens,people DO need jobs,that is, us peasants need jobs. McGuinty has a CAREER,as a politician.

He only sweats every four years as the polls are being counted.

Probably never worked an honest day in his life.

JR said...

Ontario desperately needs another Mike Harris.

Anonymous said...

Rex is a Conservativevstooge. The high dollar hurts Ontario's exports. That's a fact. In the 80's Ontario was driving inflation up and as a result interest rates were extraordinarily high. That hurt Alberta which was contracting. Not all regions of the country Benefit in the same way. McGuinty was stating the obvious. It is silly he is attacked for stating a fact.

Anonymous said...

Dorris...Harper has never worked in te private sector. He was Deb Gray's secretary then he worked in Parliament. Same with Baird, McKay, poillovre, Flaherty, clement, Ambrose, Rajotte, Jaffer, Moore and dozens of other Con MPs. They are all inexperienced in the private sector and career politicians. Most of them are not qualified for entry level positions in the ministries that they lead.