Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christy Clark, “Iron Snowbird”? More like “Plastic Dodo Bird”

When Preston Manning dubbed BC Premier Christy Clark an "Iron Snowbird" last week there were mixed reactions from conservatives (mostly disbelief, guffaws, sniggering, etc) . Here’s how Vancouver’s Alex Tsakumis reacted:

Christy Clark Was Not Ever, Is Not Now, Nor Will Ever Be a Conservative! ...
‘Iron Snowbird’ my derriere. Let’s do a little Christy retrospective:
(1) Grew up in staunchly Liberal home where Liberal doctrine was like mother’s milk. Daddy Jim was a huge federal Liberal who HATED Conservatives.
(4) Part of the federal Liberal machine that took over the provincial Liberal party. Conservatives were not welcome until Gordon Campbell came along...

(6) Spent her entire time as a talk show host reading from federal Liberal speaking notes when dealing with national issues (I know at least two people that have shown me emails sent to her, including responses, about what kind of “shitheads” Conservatives are and how Stephen Harper was (is) an “asshole.”)

(14) Pretends to be socially conservative, while living a life completely detached from such a constrained reality ...
[h/t BC Blue]


Alain said...

I fail to understand why people like Manning and even the PM continue trying to make Clark into some kind of conservative. Can they really be that thick or do they mistakenly believe it will some how turn her into an ally?

JR said...

I agree. Presto et al have taken some weird positions, done some odd things. E.g. as Peter Foster pointed out recently that he invited Nancy Oleweiler, a Tides connected environmentalist, to speak at the Manning Conference. His organization has also flogged proportional representation.

I like the idea of a CPAC-type org and conference to push the conservative movement. Now that Manning has it up and running maybe it's time to dump him and replace him with a real conservative.