Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Burnaby Mountain Unmasked

Greg Renouf has investigated and documented in minute detail what happened and who was involved in "protesting" Kinder Morgan's work on Burnaby Mountain.  He supplies pictures, videos and narrative.  He supplies the backgrounds of and links between the professionals protesters, the NGO's, the SFU academics and orgs, the Indians, the radicals, the extremists and the gullible useful idiots:

Part I: Is It Safe To Send Your Kids To SFU?

Part II: David Suzuki, Extremists And The RCMP

Part III - coming soon.
 Outstanding work, absolutely outstanding.

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Anonymous said...

great work thank you for posting
this is more evidence that this insanity global warming or climate change must be stopped
trouble with protestors in Peru and damages that I hope will lead to jail time