Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Climate fascism

From the Vancouver Observer**:

... a curious ad denying fossil fuel-driven climate change appeared on the Tinseltown marquee downtown Vancouver on a Pattison Outdoor sign.

... Friends of Science, a Calgary-based nonprofit group that disputes climate change, bought the ad.

Richard Littlemore, co-author of 'Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming' and former journalist: 
 "There ought to be an instrument that punishes companies that profit from the imminent destruction of humankind. You would hope for some level of corporate responsibility that would have spared us from this", he said.
Littlemore said he can't understand why skeptics still want to keep the debate open on climate change.

... Jimmy Pattison (owner of the Jim Pattison Group) should be ashamed of himself...he should be accountable for what’s up on his sign."

You'd hope Littlemore, as a "former journalist", would have a higher regard for free speech and that he'd think what is really hard to understand is why anyone would want "to keep the debate" closed.  But, being a typical lefty demagogue, his fascist tendencies override any possibility of clear thought.

** a "news" journal infested with green activists.


Pissedoff said...

We keep it open because we do no believe shysters like Littlemore and Bam Bam who just want to close it down.

Anonymous said...

It appears that freedom of speech is not for everyone.

Thant Mr. Pattison.

Fat Tony

Alain said...

Those who say that inside every leftist is a totalitarian fascist screaming to get out could have been talking about Littlemore. This must be really difficult for Vancouver to tolerate where they even decide the type of doorknob you must have on your own private property. Last of all is that the global warming/climate change scam would result in the imminent destruction of humankind that so worries Littlemore.

Unknown said...

They pay $44k p/year to those activists too! (Caught the ad in Craigslist the other day...