Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lima climate talks: The same old farce

Christopher Booker, The Telegraph:
... 9,000 delegates have spent two weeks trying to agree on that “universal climate treaty” they hope to see signed in Paris next year. In trampling over the 1,500-year-old “Nazca Lines” etched in the desert earth, the “environmentalists” can little have thought this would so enrage the Peruvians that they are now being threatened with six years in prison. 

... Lima is just yet another re-enactment of the three-stage ritual that has become only too familiar over the past 20 years. ... So the dreary farce will continue until the crack of doom ...

 Marc Morano and Walt Cunningham on UN Climate TV at the Lima Summit:

Marc Morano: "The UN is first and foremost political and they have bastardized science to achieve a political end ..."

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