Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dhimmi Senators can't accept truths about Islamism in Canada

... especially, it seems, when those truths come from truly moderate Muslims.

First it was Tarek Fatah'a testimony,

now it's Salim Mansur's:
I know many wonderful and amazing remarkable Muslim people, Canadians and otherwise,” said Liberal committee member Sen. Grant Mitchell. “When you say that mosques are the incubators of Islamism, surely you’re not saying that they all are?”

Mansur didn’t back down. ...


Anonymous said...

So why doesn't use his strong majority conservative government to do something about it. You bitch and obviously no one in the Harper Government agrees with you.

JR said...

Do what? This is a Senate committee.

And who says no one in the gov't agrees? Who do you suppose invited Fatah's and Mansur's testimony?

"Obviously" you're either an Islamist troll or just one more clueless left/lib dhimmi.