Sunday, December 14, 2014

Take back the night!

Ann Coulter:
Sorry this column is late. I got raped again on the way home. Twice. I should clarify -- by "raped," I mean that two seductive Barry White songs came on the radio, which, according to the University of Virginia, constitutes rape.
 ... Rolling Stone's fantasist rape victim told The Washington Post she didn't report her rape or go to the hospital because "she was new to campus and unaware of the resources available to her."
... The main threat to college students' physical and emotional safety these days comes not from athletes or fraternity members, but from the feminists. ...


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes no sense. I read the linked article. A woman says she was gang raped at a frat. The police are investigating. There is nothing in the article that suggests that Barry White songs are rape. There is no mention of feminists. You have a screw loose buddy.

Anonymous said...

anon,,,,, you need to read a little more. so says oldwhiteguy.