Saturday, December 20, 2014

The truth about Big Oil

Kelly McParland:
... Environmental zealots like to pretend B.O. is some massive corporate conspiracy run by a few fat cat plutocrats with cigars and evil laughs, but if that was the case they’d hardly have engineered a massive collapse in their wealth just before Christmas. B.O. is more like the weather: just because it’s sunny and warm today doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. And what autocrat would bet their economy on the weather?


Anonymous said...

Living in downtown Toronto where people hate the oil industry, I think it has less to do with the environment and more to do with many on the left believe in a highly egalitarian society and thus automatically dislike the haves or anything or person doing better than them.

Alain said...

I have yet to find a single person who hates the oil industry with any credibility. They would need to cease using all products and benefits from the oil industry in order to have credibility, and yet none of them are willing to do that. Even their ipads, cell phones, computers, televisions and a whole lot more depend on the oil industry.