Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BC Court of Appeals upholds freedom

In a five to zero decision the BC Court of Appeals upheld the right of graduates of the faith-based Trinity Western University (TWU) Law School to practice law in BC.  In a supposedly free society, this shouldn't come as a surprise; but in this time of rampant political correctness, with basic freedoms frequently coming under attack, it certainly gives cause for celebration.

Trinity Western's lawyer, John Carpay, discusses the victory with Ezra Levant:


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............GOOD.

Alain said...

This is good news although rather unexpected considering so many rulings in Canada today. The truth is that it never should have been necessary, since the only question should have been did the graduates qualify and were they able to pass the bar exam. Where they received their education or their personal beliefs have nothing to do with deciding if they are qualified or not.

JR said...

That law societies have taken up this kind of nutty activism just proves that they've been infested with "social justice" warriors. It's not a good sign for the future of our legal system.