Sunday, November 6, 2016

Jordan Peterson unloads - his philosophy and his advice on how to defeat the "social justice" ideologues

In this powerful one hour interview, Jordan Peterson lets us know what makes him tick - his philosophy of life, why he is risking his job to take up the fight against and defeat the scourges of political correctness and "social justice" ideology infecting Western society, and what we can do to help:

A teaser:
Prof Peterson identifies The PC Algorithm aka The Game of Political Correctness used by social justice warriors:
1. Identify some domain of human endeavour
2. Note that some people are doing comparatively well and others poorly
3. Define the people doing well as perpetrators
4. Define those doing poorly as victims
5. Announce your support for the victims
6. Trumpet your moral superiority
7. Vent your resentment and hatred on the conveniently identified perpetrators
8. Repeat, forever. 
"This requires no thought.  You can teach a university student this in about two hours and indoctrinate them into doing it professionally.  Our recent research indicates that one politically correct course is enough to significantly affect someone's political beliefs."


Anonymous said...

I really like Mr. Peterson, he gets what the crazy leftist Marxists are all about and he refuses to stand idly by while they pursue their path of intolerance and destruction. It must be a lonely road for Mr. Peterson being the only sane man on campus, or the only non Marxist in the faculty. Trudopia sure is an ugly intolerant cess pool. The brainwashing of these "students" by the Marxists will not end well for anyone who cares about western beliefs and western society in general, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. I like Mr. Petersons accent as well, he sounds like a Canadian before the deliberate estrangement and Americanization of our once great English Canadian culture. A brave man in a sea of eunuchs and leftist malignancy.

JR said...

Yes, Prof Peterson certainly stands out and man of intelligence, integrity and courage. He is nothing short of heroic.