Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Applaud your principles, deplore your logic

In response to a BC NDP candidate’s letter comes this gem:

Re: Would-Be MP Takes Up The Challenge, letter to the editor, Feb. 2.

Letter-writer and federal candidate Teresa Townsley states, "Afghan families need disarmament, development and aid" -- and she's right. But I have a question for Ms. Townsley -- a question informed by military service in Afghanistan, Croatia, Serbia, Iran, Iraq and other odd and sundry places. Just how do you propose to provide "disarmament, development and aid" without fighting? All the folks I ever met -- I was with many units, the last one being 3 Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry in Kandahar in 2002 -- who needed to be "disarmed" weren't exactly voluntarily compliant with my request that they disarm, even when that request was made on behalf of the United Nations. Those folks, as I recall, took some serious convincing to see the error of their ways; some of them even needed killing before they complied.

I applaud your principles, Ms. Townsley --but I deplore your logic.

Roy Harding, Warrant Officer (ret'd), Terrace, B.C.

Well said, Warrant! Just don’t expect a socialist to accept reality.


Anonymous said...

Ms Townsley is only saying what Layton and the NDP are thinking.
Its not our problem to them...we did our part...go fight your own battles...were tired...how anyone votes for this group is beyond comprehension. billg

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Three cheers for WO Harding! Plain spoken and right on the money.
The Left really doesn't get it - or they just don't care.

Blazing Cat Fur said...