Monday, February 4, 2008

David Suzuki - enviro-fascist

What do Warren Kinsella, Richard Warman and David Suzuki have in common?

Kinsella and Warman want the Human Rights Commissions to do their dirty work.
David Suzuki, like his ideological pal Chairman Mao before him, wants his green brigades to take action:

He urged today’s youth to speak out against politicians complicit in climate change, even suggesting they look for a legal way to throw our current political leaders in jail for ignoring science – drawing rounds of cheering and applause. Suzuki said that politicians, who never see beyond the next election, are committing a criminal act by ignoring science.

But I'm late to this story. It's covered, in spades, here:

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Blazing Cat Fur said...

Funny how the left is so quick to resort to fascism to achieve an end.

JR said...

Indeed, BCF. I think the fascist impulse is deeply embedded in their tiny totalitarian psyches.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear CatFur, Jesus Christ.

What a freak is Suzuki. He get's a free pass everytime in the MSM. It's all just assumed how wonderful he is, all sans any critical analysis whatsoever.

I see the P.J O'Rourke book over there in 'Right Reading'. I recently re-read 'Give War a Chance', and realised how much I loved it. All absolutely and empirically true and precise.

Also 'All the Trouble in the World', 'Eat the Rich' and so on.

It was picking up P.J at an airport newsagent cum bookstore that changed me from a vaguely Leftish and confused guitar slingin' inner city bohemian into a Conservative and slightly less confused guitar slingin' inner-city bohemian.

You may just be fast becoming a favourite destination.

Remember in Give War a Chance, P.J says that the lack of a good Chinese take-away in China until recently, and the lack of Cuban cigars in Cuba, was all you needed to know about Socialism and Communism? Pure gold.

Ah, and how in the 1960's he used to believe in everything...everything but the facts that is.

And now he believe's in nothing...but the facts. He's a bloody marvel and way before everyone else. Got me onto Mark Steyn, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and so on.

All the best Furry.

Colonel Neville.