Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Political science

In today’s ‘Post’, Peter Foster is outraged by the political bias in a ‘science’ journal Nature’ editorial criticizing Canada and the Harper government: could easily have been written by David "Off with their heads" Suzuki. Maybe it was.

As evidence, the magazine cites the closing down of the office of science advisor Arthur Carty. Who knew it existed?

Climate change is in fact the real focus for Nature's attack, which also castigates Prime Minister Stephen Harper for backing away from Kyoto. Nature's implication that the Harper government is somehow resisting "settled" science is nonsensical.

When it comes to Kyoto, Nature is not being the least scientific.

Mr. Foster also goes after Victoria’s own .0005 Nobel laureate, Andrew Weaver. Weaver (or ‘Weasel’ as I prefer to call him) is a UVic climate modeller and pet political scientist for the uniformly alarmist local media:
Sounding suspiciously like Nature, [Weaver] suggested: "It's almost like a war on science is going on in government, which is very sad."

He also unleashed a diatribe against the research of Ross McKitrick and Stephen McIntyre, who inconveniently exploded the IPCC's alarmist "hockey stick" graph of temperatures soaring in the past century after a millennium of stability. Mr. Weaver has even suggested that it is dangerous to allow skeptics a voice in scientific debate.

That isn't science. And neither is Nature's editorial.

It’s truly a sad time for physical science when it’s so routinely subverted by political ‘scientists’.

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