Saturday, February 2, 2008

Free speech - where’s the MSM?

Since Keith Martin put forward his free speech motion (M-446) in the house there’s been little coverage in the media. I’ve seen and heard nothing in any newscast on TV or radio.

In the ‘National Post’ the only coverage was in the on-line forum ‘Full Comment’ featuring Warren Kinsella’s loopy objections (if the neo-Nazis support free speech then outlawing free speech makes sense). I liked wallyj's comment (2:51 PM):
"Why is it that the fact that a neo-nazi group agree with Martin getting so
much play? I'm sure that NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association)
strongly supported the liberals refusal to change the age of consent from 14 to
16. Should one lump the liberals in with pedophiles also?

A search of the Globe and Mail and CBC web sites turned up stories taking up Kinsella’s point of view and focusing on white supremacists’ support for the motion:

Globe and Mail: 'White pride' website hails Victoria MP as hero

CBC: Liberal MP wins unwelcome praise from white supremacists for free speech stand and Liberal MP lauded by white supremacists :

The extreme right adherents at the stormfront were clearly thrilled to find a member of the Liberal party, which introduced the act and prides itself as the party of the Charter of Rights, joining their crusade.
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion's office disavowed the motion and suggested Martin will be asked to withdraw it.

"This is not the position of the Liberal Party of Canada or the Liberal caucus or Mr. Dion," said spokeswoman Leslie Swartman.

"We support the Canadian Human Rights Act and will not entertain changes to it such as this."
NDP MP Wayne Marston said he was "deeply troubled that any Liberal" would try to weaken human rights legislation.

Bah! This ain't going to be easy.

Martin is sticking to his guns, as expected. Good for him. But he'll need all the help he can get. Though, based on coverage so far, it seems the MSM won't be of much use (what else is new?)

More: Open letter to Warren, Joan Bryden (CP) [via Mark Steyn], Ezra Levant (and see Mike Brock's comments), Joanne's Journey


Anonymous said...

A commie will offer every right and priviledge in order to take control, knowing that they can take everything back at that point. (real conservative)

Unknown said...

I believe people do see through, Kinsella's pathetic efforts, it may take time but we will triumph.

hunter said...

At least the National is allowing comments. Funny how the comment happy Globe doesn't even have anything about this on their on-line edition, much less allow comments on it. Cowards.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Bah! This ain't going to be easy

That doesn't mean it isn't worth the effort JR.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It does remind me a bit of the abortion debate though. (Don't touch it with a ten-foot pole.)

Anonymous said...

The MSM is afraid they might upset someone if they even hint it is OK to express an idea not first vetted by the Political Correctness gurus. We have lost our ability to debate and argue; to do so implies there may be something other than Liberal ideology and the MSM will not dare highlight that. They are but a sad excuse for journalists. I don't expect anything from them and am rarely dissapointed.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

We have lost our ability to debate and argue; to do so implies there may be something other than Liberal ideology and the MSM will not dare highlight that.

Ron, I'm beginning to see what JR is concerned about, and I fear you are right too. Perhaps it's up to bloggers and ordinary citizens to educate the public on the importance of this issue.

Obviously, MSM is going to spin this against anything other than a Politically-Correct POV.

Anonymous said...

In spite of my feelings about the MSM, I have to admit I haven't given up on them entirely (yet). It will be interesting to see where the 'Post', 'Gazette', 'Sun', etc who've expressed support for Ezra and Maclean's/Steyn come down editorially on Martin's motion, assuming they do.

Unknown said...

Oh Oh trouble brewing see my blog.