Saturday, February 16, 2008

The ice is back!

As everyone knows, the Arctic is warming, sea ice is disappearing, polar bears are threatened,... Now, Terence Corcoran wants to alert the CBC that there’s a new story to tell:

In recent months, as anchor of CBC Television's The National, Mr. Mansbridge has taken camera crew and staff to record first hand the disappearing sea ice in Canada's North.

Thanks to really cold weather -- gee, where did that come from?--winter sea ice has been growing across the North.

There goes a good story. And if you doubt me on this, the source is as biased on climate change as sources get: The CBC.

"It's nice to know that the ice is recovering," Josefino Comiso, a senior research scientist ...told CBC News on Thursday.

"The ice is about 10 to 20 centimetres thicker than last year, so that's a significant increase," he said.

If temperatures remain cold this winter,... winter sea ice coverage will continue to expand.

Interesting how they seem to think this is good news. I wonder if they’ll be singing the same tune when it’s clear that a new ice age has begun. And speaking of polar bears - what happens to them when the ice in southern Canada is a few thousand feet thick?

Update (Feb 17): Following up on the comments re polar bears and the ice pack, these articles are relevant: Ice level highest in 15 years and Greenland polar bear invasion. The photo of Greenland brought back memories of a trip I made back in 1982 to a DEW site on top of the ice-cap (about 10,000 ft asl.) Transportation was a ski-equipped C-130D courtesy of 109 TAG Schenectady, NY Air National Guard. What a ride!

Also: Inuit rap US greens on polar bears and Global warming decision on polar bears delayed and the real truth about polar bears.


Fortitudine said...

Aw, poor Mansbridge. A perfectly good news story ruined by pesky reality.

rabbit said...

And speaking of polar bears - what happens to them when the ice in southern Canada is a few thousand feet thick?

Cancun with the other Canadians. Duh.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

They die?

They need to get to the water to hunt seals when the ice was a mile or so thick over Winnipeg there were not many seals.

the whole argument is silly each year the ice covers and melts from hudsons bay. It melts in the summer not because of the sun we know it has no effect on the earth from David suzuki but from people driving SUV's to cottages to make summer.

So the temp goes up a degree or two
as they try to horrify us in reality it means that there will be one extra week or so of no ice on Hudsons bay. The horror.

Polar bears have lived through a lot hotter than this

Anonymous said...

This site has a recent post about the ice returning to Greenland and now they have a polar bear problem.
Go figure.

Halfwise said...

I'm sure the polar bears, if they can't get seal meat, can develop an appetite for two legged creatures. And CBC commentators will talk about the rights of polar bears to eat people, and how wrong it is for us to fight back.

Fortitudine said...

Ah, worst case scenario I'll adopt a few myself. Maybe I'll train them to do my bidding. Start a hockey team. Hijinx couldn't help but ensue.

Unknown said...

I got lots of ice, I will gladly have it trucked to the Bears gratis.