Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oh, no! Kinsella is leaving the National Post

And here I thought he was long gone.

Nevertheless, as might be expected, there are various scenarios circulating as to why this might be happening.

From the horse’s mouth:

I don't mind being a minority voice - my views on human rights hopefully made that clear enough, in recent weeks - but, sometimes, you can only stomach so much. Being the father to an aboriginal child, for example, I have been appalled by the paper's positions on First Nations issues; they were horrible. On racism, on human rights, on a lot of things. It gets to you, after a while.

Sniff - hand me a Kleenex.

Puhleeez! The author of "Kicking Ass in Canadian Politics" is just too saintly and sensitive a soul to be associated with a paper that publishes something other than the stock socialist, multi-culti pap and pieties one might expect from, say, the ‘Star’? Bullcrap!

Ezra Levant has another theory.

Whatever. Just let me say, as a devoted reader of the ‘Post’, good riddance, Warren.


Update: From the comments, The Progressive Indian tells "Windbag" Warren to take a hike.


rabbit said...

Even if Kinsella believes the way he does, the NP paid his salary and gave him huge national exposure. He wasn't too proud to cash their cheques - he should show some respect.

In the oil industry, most people know not to burn their bridges. When leaving a job it's essential to show class and grace - even (or especially) when there's animosity.

But not Kinsella I guess.

The Progressive Indian said...

"As the father of an aboriginal child"

Spare me, please

JR said...

Rabbit, Excellent point!

And good show, PI! There'd be a lot less grief in the aboriginal community if more Chiefs thought like you.