Friday, March 27, 2009

More support for Human Achievement Hour

National Post editorial Earth Hour is a joke:

... It's not that we don't recognize some rudimentary concept of environmental appropriateness in lifestyle, conduct and thinking. But we prefer to put our faith in the inter-twined march of technology and the free market rather than feel-good slogans and rituals.

... in some places (like the U. K.), the peak level of greenhouse emissions per capita was passed almost 100 years ago. The inventors of fibreglass insulation alone created cumulative energy savings that defy calculation. Yet most of us don't even realize that our attics are full of the stuff.

... Electric light, now regarded as a banality, was in fact a breakthrough technology that expanded our great-grandparents' universes radically: It transformed the productivity of businesses and workers, enabled round-the-clock transportation, made the night less terrifying in both imaginative and practical respects, and -- let Canadians never forget it --allowed humans to settle the realm of short winter days without being required to basically hibernate.

To renounce that -- and all that it represents --even symbolically, is to renounce ourselves.

In other words - celebrate Human Achievement Hour - switch your lights on tomorrow night!


Halfwise said...

I plan to clean my oven and idle all my cars.

JR said...

Ditto that. With a good turnout for HAH maybe we'll see a bump in national energy consumption.

"The Big Pyrogy"?

Halfwise said...

Sure! You got your Big Apple, your Big Easy, your City of Big Shoulders. Why not the Big Pyrogy?