Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rex Murphy on the financial crisis

Rex isn’t impressed:

- John Stewart, swatting financial gnat Jim Cramer;
- hypocritical, loudmouth congressmen raging over AIG bonuses;
- Obama on Jay Leno’s comedy hour.

... Mr. Obama is acting curiously. He doesn't so much preside over the crisis as act like America's chosen master of ceremonies...

... Mr. Obama drops in to everyday events more than he actually manages them. He's very cool, as always, but he lacks affect.

... The American presidency as a four-year celebrity guest spot. "Say hello to the band, Mr. President." ..... Between the concocted rage of Congress over the bonuses and the faux outrage of Jon Stewart - the Obama administration's house comic - the greatest financial crisis in generations seems to summon very little but gesture and one-liners.

... Is Barack Obama leading the United States at this time? Or is he just a really cool guy with all the power in the world and not a whole lot of clues about how to use it?

Good questions.

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