Friday, March 6, 2009

Ontario’s green fascism

This is where global warming hysteria is leading. Jonah Goldberg recently clarified the meaning of liberal fascism. Now we have a good example of the new green fascism in Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty’s and his energy Czar, George Smitherman’s proposed new Green Energy Act. The Financial Post’s series (see also) spells out all the scary elements, including:

- a massive government power grab: "Already famous as a green nanny state, where every course at every school is to be larded with environmental propaganda, Ontario is now set to become a kind of green fascist state. The new energy act sets up carbon reduction and renewable energy — wind, solar, biomass — as quasi-religious goals that will be achieved via a massive power grab."

- undermining the economy and the environment: "Ontario’s Green Energy Act should more accurately be called Ontario’s Gangreen Act. ... No piece of legislation in memory will do more to simultaneously undermine Ontario’s economy and environment. This one act rolls back decades of environmental gains in the energy sphere and opens the door to a future of environmental outrages."

- government collusion with corporate rent seekers and green activists: "In summary, the Ontario government pays millions of dollars to environmental activists and corporate interests to lobby the Ontario government and agitate for the Green Energy Act, which act serves the interests of the agitators.... So a final question on Ontario’s new Green Energy Act: What’s the definition of corruption?"

- police state enforcement of green laws: "Is that a beer fridge in your basement?"

Mussolini could have taken lessons from the McGuinty Liberals.

As a former citizen of the once wealthy and sane Ontario I find this sad. As a Canadian I find it alarming. McGuinty and co.’s ‘Green Energy’ travesty will almost certainly drag Ontario, former economic engine of the country, deeper into its economic quagmire - and sets a dangerous example for other provinces.

British Columbia, having been the first to implement a carbon tax, join the Western Climate Initiative and shamelessly star-f**k green RINO Arnold Schwarzenegger, has already proven it has a taste for climate change Kool-Aid. So adopting McGuinty-like green fascist energy policy here isn’t far-fetched.


Anonymous said...

wait until The electricity bills come in to the folks in Ontario and they are 300% higher because they are green . . . fecal matter, meet air distribution system.

Halfwise said...

I am waiting for the consensus that we should all emit some more CO2 until the temperature gets back up to normal. That is the only strategy I can see that takes the AGW argument and uses it to the world's advantage.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of taxes, I just received my February gas bill which includes this item:
"Carbon Tax (10.5 GJ at $0.4966 per GJ) $5.21"

Halfwise, I know what you mean. I'm conflicted on this too - on the one hand hoping the planet is warming so the lousy weather will improve, and on the other hoping it keeps getting colder to make it easier to stick it to the AGW alarmists.