Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bailouts: What’s the exit strategy?

Senator Inhofe on the AIG outrage and bailouts:

... let’s be clear on where the outrage should be targeted – the 74 Senators, including now President Obama, who voted in favor of handing over an unprecedented amount of money and power to an unelected bureaucrat last October.

... I’ve said for a very long time, from the outset in fact, the federal government needs an exit strategy for its entanglement into the financial system.

As an aside on the AIG bonus controversy, it seems a little weird if not unseemly for the president of the one and only global super power to be personally focused on denouncing the executives of a single company over their compensation packages. Maybe he's hyper-sensitive to the situation given his role in bailing AIG out in the first place. But still ...


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