Wednesday, March 4, 2009

YAP (yet another poll) on climate change

Good call but why did they vote this way?

(A) Environmentalists and delusional alarmists - because the "world" isn’t doing enough.
(B) Deniers (Type I) - there’s nothing rational that can be done since the "world" has only a very limited understanding of what causes climate change.
(C) Deniers (Type II) - climate is always changing and can’t be "stopped" because the "world" isn’t capable of stopping it.

(D) Deniers (Type III) - global warming is a giant hoax and environmentalist / socialist plot.

Being an optimist I’ll bet that most are in categories B, C and D.


Reid said...

One of the worst push polls I've seen on CTV to date.

JR said...

Yeah. My original title for this was "Another dizzy CTV poll".