Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BC Conservative Party attacks proposed treaty legislation

Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals have been absolute weasels on aboriginal treaty negotiations. In 2002 Campbell held a referendum seeking approval of proposed treaty negotiation principles. Though the result was better than 85% in favour, Campbell, with nary a word of explanation, proceeded to completely ignore it.

Now the Campbell government has proposed the Recognition and Reconciliation Act which the BC Conservative Party says:

... sets up 30 unelected Aboriginal Governments with veto power over any decision the democratically elected Provincial Government makes regarding land use or resource development, ever. It may also call into question the ownership of private property in British Columbia.

...will give title to up to 100% of British Columbia to the 3% of our
fellow citizens who are Aboriginal.

Campbell's new Act reverses many of the principles espoused in his 2002 referendum.

The BC Conservatives would have my vote but there's no candidate in my riding.

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Peter said...

I agree. They need to get more candidates and make themselves a viable option. We have virtually no choice in provincial politics. Campbell will win simply because the other choices are so much worse.