Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Brit blacklist a compliment to America

British Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, released a list of 22 people who are banned from the U.K. The blacklist is intended to "name and shame" those accused "... of fomenting hatred, glorifying terrorism or being capable of inciting ethnic violence in the country."

The list includes a half-dozen Muslim radicals, a neo-Nazi German, a Jewish extremist, a couple of murderous Russian skin-heads and four Americans (conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, former KKK leader Stephen Black and anti-gay hate-mongers Fred and daughter Shirley Phelps).

That so many Americans are on the blacklist should be taken as a compliment by America. Compared to the U.S.A. Britain is a relative economic and social basket case drifting towards fascistic politically correct authoritarianism (a Canadian "human rights" regime on steroids). A much freer, wealthier and more tolerant America suffers far less social turbulence.

No doubt there is good reason to ban those who advocate or have committed violence. If so, as Michael Savage asks, why isn't Kim Jong Il's name on the list; why not Hugo Chavez's or Fidel Castro's or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's or ....?)

Michael Savage is pissed and promises to sue Jacqui Smith for defamation.

Mark Steyn. Jonah Goldberg. John Derbyshire.

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