Wednesday, May 13, 2009

“Race-based” gift rejected by U of S

This is rich:

The University of Saskatchewan has turned down a $500,000 endowment from an alumnus who requested the money be awarded to "non-aboriginal students" only.

The university said the race-based bursary proposal would violate university policy and provincial human rights law.

Someone should inform the university that race-based treatment of aboriginals is official government policy. Perhaps the UoS should launch a human rights complaint against the federal and provincial governments.

And what about all those government subsidies aimed exclusively at funding aboriginal secondary education?
The alumnus argued that native students have several awards designated for them, so she should have the right to allot the donation to someone who is not of aboriginal ancestry. Many First Nations students have their tuition covered by their bands, she said.
To which the U of S replied:
There's a lot of misconceptions regarding funding for aboriginal students ... Funding for aboriginal students is not as robust as people assume it to be ...
Well, since it seems no U of S endowment funding can exclude Indians but special funding is available to Indians only, it follows that funding for aboriginals will be a lot more "robust" than it is for non-aboriginals - which is kinda' the wannabe donor’s original point.

Update: The proof of the pudding -> is in sda's juxtaposition.

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