Sunday, May 24, 2009

The UN: A vast international embarrassment

Robert Fulford:

... One of the wonders of the world is the reputation of the United Nations. ... Year after year it embarrasses itself through everything from deep bureaucratic corruption to utter failure in dealing with global crises like the genocide in Darfur. Yet somehow its opinions and "facts" still carry weight.

... When the UN was founded in 1945, only a deep-dyed pessimist would have guessed that it would decay over 64 years into a vast international embarrassment.

Plus, some thoughts on U.N. peacekeeping from Mark at the Torch.


Anonymous said...

Robert Fulford is right. The UN has been a collosal failure and disappointment. How many millions have suffered and died as a result of its inaction and wrongheaded policies. Canada should withdraw support and not be part of this global shakedown - its basically a criminal organization. The United Nations is an outdated 20th century solution. It has a lofty charter that says its for love, peace and good government but it means nothing. They haven't stopped a single war or lifted a country out of poverty. Shameful the money that has been spent on this useless diplomatic gabfest. Fern StAlbert

JR said...

Exactly! Worse than useless, much worse.

If there's to be any international org resembling the UN there ought to be a least some basic entrance requirements - like democracy, no dictatorships, no thugocracies, no kleptocracies, no ethnic cleansers, etc. Maybe then those seeking membership might have some incentive for reform.

On second thought, given recent NATO experience with the European uselessness vis-a-vis Afstan, why bother.