Sunday, May 17, 2009

EMG on Ignatieff

Edward Michael George:"It was predictable, I know, but the speed with which Michael Ignatieff went from public intellectual to sinisterly vacuous Canadian politician really came as a shock to me. ... at this point it's less a case of his having sold-out, as it is of his having sold his soul."

[Image shamelessly stolen from EMG who stole it from Darcy]


Anonymous said...

Infantile post and photo. that's the last time I will read your vacuous blob.

Seriously, a photoshopped image of iggy looking like the Joker. What are you? 8 years old?

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Keep 'em coming.this shouls be on bumper stickers, t-shirts, flags, stickers . . . etc ...etc. Should have it's own joker site. Millions could download it onto IronOn transfer paper to do their own thing.

I've got the Jokeigster on a toilet seat cover and inside my grandson's diapers.

disgruntled lib


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Iggy has the perfect joker face. Everyday, he puts on his makeup and pretends to be Canadian.

hunter said...

I think that image originally came from Rick Mercer.

JR said...

Yesiree, whoever created that image did a great job. If it was from Rick Mercer, Hunter, kudos to him!