Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obama dissing America

President Obama has been busy speechifying at home and abroad and wherever he goes manages to ‘apologize’ for America’s past. Conrad Black has been keeping notes:

... disapproving of the use of the atomic bomb by one of his party's most admired presidents, Harry S Truman, was an astonishing (and unjust) open goal to offer to America's enemies.

... not clear what possessed him to refer to America's economic performance, which carried much of the world on its back for the last 25 years, with apology if not shame on his visit to Europe last month, while praising Europe for its social democracy.

... sat as mute as a suet pudding while Venezuela's Chavez, Bolivia's Morales, Cuba's Raul Castro and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, ... flayed the United States as the source of all Latin America's problems. ... the practice of blaming everything on the United States is now confined to the far left [including the far left of the Democratic Party, so why would Obama contradict the commie thugs?].

... while in Europe, President Obama has indicted his country and his predecessors for arrogance, dismissive-ness, genocide, torture and insufficient respect for the Muslim world. Does the poor old U. S. A. really deserve this, and deserve the message to be delivered by its leader in the continent that gave the world totalitarian Communism, Nazism, Robespierre's Reign of Terror and all the pogroms and massacres of Russia, Armenia and Bulgaria?

Black wonders whether this might be part of some subtle strategy (my bold):

... confusing America's enemies and tuning up the atmospherics as only a non-white president could do, flying trial balloons and reconnoitring ...

Then again it’s more likely just a sign that the Democratic far left influence is holding sway in the Obama administration. Obama’s many ‘apologies’ are strongly reminiscent of the anti-American rhetoric that has long been standard fare from that quarter (or half) of the Democratic Party (the part Anne Coulter refers to as the "traitor wing").

And speaking of a "non-white president", his apologetics bring to mind Obama’s former ‘spiritual advisor’. Perhaps Obama was listening more closely than he claims to Black liberationist Jeremiah ("God damn America!") Wright during those twenty years.

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