Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A bad experience at the TGH

Blazing Cat Fur documents his mother’s recent exposure to the Canadian medical "system". Not a happy camper, BCF left the hospital a note with his impressions:

Early, very early in the AM I stumbled upon the ER's "Continuous Improvement Whiteboard".

I wrote: Continuous Improvement? This is a cruel joke. The "level of care" at this facility disgraces the word hospital.

And cardiac care is thought to be one of the things Canadian hospitals do best! My own experience was better than BCF’s - the doctors and nurses were very good, but the facilities were a combination of crowded, decrepit and dirty.

The debate is raging in the USA over Obamacare. Our American friends will be wise to avoid letting government monopolize their medical system.

Anyway, here's wishing BCF’s mom a speedy recovery.


Xanthippa said...

Yes - best wishes!

She'll need them!

Bismark said...

What facility in particular are you referencing that was "a combination of crowded, decrepit and dirty"?

Bismark said...

Cat got your tongue?