Friday, August 14, 2009

Yale's cartoon cowardice

Yale University Press decided, on the unanimous advice of a couple of dozen anonymous experts, that it was too risky to publish Jytte Klausen's scholarly new book about the Danish cartoons unless the cartoons were removed.

Roger Kimball covers the whole sordid story including an exchange with author Klausen in the comments.

Who needs "human rights" commissions to censor infidels when publishers so readily do it to themselves? Kimball aptly names it "pre-emptive capitulation":
The really appalling thing is that institutions like Yale — institutions, I mean, that exist to pursue the truth — should tacitly endorse this ethic of pre-emptive capitulation. By embracing this species of mendacious political correctness they forfeit the prerogatives of truth for the dubious satisfactions of multicultural self-righteousness.
Mark Steyn on The Hugh Hewitt Show & Ezra Levant.

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