Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jokers: Double standards

On seeing this depiction of Obama , an LA Daily writer snaps out the race card: "The only thing missing is the noose." (Check out the comments).

While this Vanity Fair rendition of George W. Bush is apparently considered "high art".

More on libs' short memories.


Anyway, my favourite Joker is still this guy.


Pissedoff said...

See it all here


Anonymous said...

I don't really see where he gets a "noose" out of all this.

What connection does Batman's "Joker" nemesis have to do with lynching blacks?

I guess a connection THAT moronic and to stretch THAT far to scream "racism" you HAVE to be a newspaper writer.

JR said...

Libs have long been quick to play, or threaten to play, the race card at any hint of criticism of their Black Messiah. Recall that before his election it was widely suggested that if Obama didn't win it would be because of American racism. They do the same when defending Obama's Latina Supreme Court nominee.