Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Climate bullcrap in the BC Throne Speech

Along with a giant dose of baloney attempting to rationalize the Campbell government’s outrageous arrogance in shoving the HST down our throats, we get this kind of random nonsense in today’s Throne Speech:

The record forest fire season reminds us once again that in spite of the denials, climate change is real and costly.
What unmitigated hooey! Local weather and a single forest fire season say absolutely nothing about climate. Besides, haven’t the boneheads been following the unusually cold summer weather to the east of BC.

The upside to seeing this kind of junk in a Throne Speech is that it highlights the Campbell government’s climate gullibility and reminds us of its similarly arrogant, out-of-the-blue imposition of North America’s first carbon tax.

The BC Liberals are doomed come next election which, sadly, is four years away.

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brothersmartmouth said...

I wish I could send you some cold rainy weather from Manitoba. August 2004 (Winnipeg) was the coldest on record (means post 1880's), and this Aug might beat it. And beat it bad.
If climate change is a result of global warming, than why are we being told that climate change is happening before global warming.
My mom 64, remembers much hotter temps, (90-100+) in the past,which we in Wpg don't have anymore.
Listen to the old, not the MSM.
This is nothing new!