Sunday, August 16, 2009

Organic food fad?

Based on the quantities of "organic" grocery products available and the space and time devoted to the subject in the media, you get the impression that "going organic" is a hot fad. But if this CTV news poll is at all accurate it's an encouraging sign there isn't much of a fad - large numbers of people aren't buying into the organic hooey:

The "Occasionally" group no doubt also includes a lot of people who aren't buying the "organic" label but simply the (rarely) cheaper, better or only available product.


Halfwise said...

In general I think the organic movement is bad, on balance. Too much land to grow too few crops which are too vulnerable to diseases and pests. You can't feed a society on that.

But guess what? Specifically in the area of meat, I have big doubts about the wisdom of consuming growth hormones and antibiotics concentrated in our factory farms' pork and beef.

Give me nice big fruit and veggies free of bugs, and I will wash the chemicals off. But I can't rinse unnatural chemicals out of meat.

JR said...

True, meat is somewhat problematic. I'm not current on the science and risks associated with growth hormones and anti-biotics so I consume factory farmed meat with a certain amount of faith that the producers and regulators know what they're doing. So far (60+ years) so good.

But are there not also risks with the organic variety - E-coli, for example, and the difficulty of keeping track of safe practices by myriad small producers?

organic foods said...

Organic foods is not supposed to be a fad. Are health concerns a fad, I guess not

HyunChard said...

It's so obvious, organic food delivered to our houses are safer than the non-organic. It pays to check the label, they say. So no wonder they are in demand.