Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doubting Al Gore

Peter Foster makes it clear why being a climate heretic is so difficult:

Dealing with acolytes of the Al Gore school of climate change (that is, virtually every government on earth, plus the chattering classes of the entire Western World). ...

... Not merely do mouths gape, but eyes roll at any dimwit's failure to grasp that there is "consensus" on the issue. Indeed, to dissent is seen not merely as evidence of mental deficiency but moral turpitude.


Anyone can join a mob. However, publicly bucking near universal orthodoxy and facing the disapproval and ridicule of brainwashed friends, enemies and peers takes great courage and integrity.

Peter Foster, and all the stalwarts at FP Comment, one of the few mainstream outlets to consistently voice climate dissent, deserve our thanks, support and admiration.

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