Wednesday, September 29, 2010

David Frum, a "Joe Clark" conservative

David Frum spends a lot of time dissing American conservatives.  At every opportunity he snottily derides, insults and dismisses Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and its boosters. At the same time, he's silent about the rabid idiocies of the lib/left.  Liberal media outlets like CNN love to consult him because he can be depended on to slam conservatives.  Then Frum wonders, and so does Barbara Kay, why they treat him like the plague.

Frum always harps that the GOP needs to compromise with the Obama Dems, reach "a consensus among [progressive] elites". Mmm, hmm. Perhaps Frum would be less detested by conservatives if he were to attempt to compromise with his (alleged) own side instead of insulting them.  But he's really not one of them.  His Canadian equivalent is the "Joe Clark" conservative.  He'd rather hob-nob and compromise with  left/libs than be associated with those nasty conservatives. 

Barbara closes with: "David, they don’t deserve you down there. Come on home where you’re understood, appreciated and respected. And where you can be a conservative and also a mensch.

Speak for yourself, Barbara.  We don't need any more Joe Clark conservatives here. They're toxic.


Anonymous said...

A "Joe Clark conservative"?? Since when was Clark a conservative.

Now if the statement were David Frum, a Joe Clark liberal buffoon, there would be no contradiction.

Paul M said...

I stopped paying attention to Frum a long time ago.

Alex said...

Hey thats my favorite liberal you're talking about. When libs call themselves conservatives its a very good thing. We're winning.