Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama's science Nimrod: "de-develop the USA and redistribute wealth"

Obama denies being a socialist, yet he keeps appointing socialist radicals.  Commie, Van Jones as "Green Jobs" Czar (since fired); now we find that his science Nimrod, John Holdren, advocates the "de-development of the U.S." and the "re-distribution of its wealth" as the only way to provide a decent life for everyone.  The idiots just won't give up their non-sensical zero-sum economic theory.  The twist this time is that they'll use the "free markets" to do it.  Wonder how that works?

The U.S.A., and the rest of the world with it, is doomed!!

Update: from WUWT - more Holdren numbskullery.


Anonymous said...

Nutters of the world unite!!! You have nothing to lose but other people's money.

Patsplace said...

As there are lots of people without money, they like the idea of getting a chunk of yours and mine. If this keeps up "There'll be blood before this is done" to quote some of the famous pirate of the silver screen.

johndoe124 said...

What exactly is "its" wealth? The wealth belongs to the citizens of the US, not the government. Typical sophistry that we see from Progressives in the US and up here. Just assume ownership of the wealth and you can redistribute with impunity. F*cking thieves.


Obama is serving a much wider, or deeper agenda, than he'll ever admit to. Cultural marxism is the name of his game, and Canada suffers from that disease too.
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Anonymous said...

There you go folks, New World Order globalist socialist just admitted to in public.. you can believe it or not, up to you. (real conservative)