Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gun registry - shameless Liberals

In the Globe the headline is:
Scott Simms reveals heartbreaking reason for backing gun registry
and SDA fixes it for them:

We have a gun registry.
Your father still shot himself.
Scott Simms is shameless manipulator. Using his father's tragic suicide, which he admits had NOTHING to do with the gun registry, to excuse his flip-flop and whip up emotion ahead of the vote is beyond the pale. He should apologize to his family and to Parliament for his crass behaviour. Also, his Liberal colleagues should be ashamed for pumping-up Simms' bogus appeal to bleeding hearts.

As for the Globe and the likes of Jane Taber, we expect them to get sucked into this kind of emotional BS and illogic.


johndoe124 said...

You're expecting too much from sociopaths.

JR said...

Could be:)