Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ezra Levant kicks ass on CBC radio

In his excellent FP column today, Peter Foster gives high marks to Ezra Levant's new book "Ethical Oil: The case for Canada's Oil Sands".  At the end he refers to Ezra's debate on CBC last week:

Last week the CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi held a “debate” between Mr. Levant and Mr. Nikiforuk [see 'Q' past episodes, Sep 15]. Mr. Levant steamrollered both of them (it inevitably turned out to be two against one). I could almost have felt sorry for Mr. Nikiforuk if he hadn’t started out by suggesting that oil was either “The Devil’s tears” or “The Devil’s Excrement.” With imagery like that, you know that objectivity has already gone out the window. Ethical Oil provides some desperately needed perspective.
I like the CBC debating rules - the lefty host/moderator joins in to gang up on 'the enemy'. Very classy, Ghomeshi!


Anonymous said...

WOW, Saudi's still behead about 50 prisoners a year and they tortured a canadian name William Sampson while the Liberal and NDP cried of Maher Arar that was caught globe-trotting on a Canadian passport trying to enter the USA.
The poor dying ECO-fascist stands next to Suzuki and yell out the Global-Warming charade based on a Al Gore movie with picture and graphs for the usefuyll idiots to follow.
So Mr.Eco nut, how will all out Hospital Diesel back-up power systems works??,is it OK for our babies and elderly to die for YOUR cause and morals because hospitals can have power failure in the winter?,and how will the TTC fuel their Buses to get us off cars,and what about the Jet Planes use fly on to preach about the ECO-Ethics,or your Rolex watches that use oil from Dolphins,and Gulfstream jets using animals oil lubricants?

These Traffic-Light Greens and too yellow to admit they are REDS.
The other yahoo's are the water mellons,green on the suface but RED inside. How wonderful to make everyone poor equally with no free-thought to create the wealth that funds HIS health care treatments in canada as he bash the rest of us for wanting the same.
Typical REDS that create breadlines for the masses and their Limo's fly by to a propaganda rally about the People's state to share the loads for the betterment fo the state.
N.Korea even starve their Army while peon and labourers starve to death to fund the Military and fill-up Kim's Limo's and home-oil tanks.

GO Ezra, I can understand CAIR and Dr.Sheema Khan defending the Whahabbi masters in Saudi Arabia as the utopic Islamic ideal under Shariah law...but for these ungreatful weasels to exalt those murderous thugs above canada for the Moral/ethical Oil standards is akin to PETA that cares more for a lost Kitten than the homeless person sleeping on a sidewalk or freezes to death on winter sidewalk.

Hmmmmm....Saudi Arabis..or canada, hmmmmm...I take canada because we even let American soldiers get Refugee status here along with the ex saudi Islamodascists that tried to get Shariah Law in Ontario and then canada.

JR said...

Heh:) Good rant there anon. Don't think you missed much.

Anonymous said...

Why do Conservatives continue to attend CBC shows. Say no until the CBC agrees to be non partisan. You are not compelled to attend!!

JR said...

Actually, while I'd love to see the CBC broken up and sold to the highest bidder, as long as it exists as the taxpayer funded abomination it is, the more conservatives that appear on it the better. It's fun watching sharp guys like Ezra trashing foolish lefties.

Anonymous said...

For sure the CBC is a waste of time,they use the Elephant/rabbit soup system for debates.
I've seen panels of 4-5 people, 1 person reflecting about 50%+ of the true opinion or view on a major issue,then 3-4 smug/elite/liberal/leftists opining from the view of maybe 1-2% of the population.

This IS like the soup example where a patron of a exotic eatery orders his favourite Elephant/rabbit soup,but the new cook is called out to expalin why the soup is disgusting .
The customer asks if he has made this soup befor and he says no but I followed the said to use 1/2 an Elephant and 1/2 rabbit.
But the recipe meant to put equal size pieces in the soup and not the 4000lbs of elephant with 6 lbs of a rabbit.
The CBC often gives 80-85% of the time to debate guests for the 2-6% of the population supporting that view,but the other side is mocked and gangged up on even for a view by 30-40% of people.

Just look at the same-gender marriage issue,it dealt with about 4% of the population but was debated as a 100% view for Human Rights by Politicians view to exploit the non-crisis.
Today we see very few same-gender marriage and even a very quick divorce by two females just to make History as the 1st same-gender divorce.

The Long-Gun issue came about because 1 lone Jihadist name Gamil Gharabi went Jihad on females because they were in school and offended Allah,but now 48% of the population is guilty at birth as a male that MIGHT kill a female some day...maybe.
But with the majority of infantcides done by females and most by mothers or a relative,we don't have a PMS/post pardome Registry for females that are about 52% of the population.
The CBC avoided the truth over the Priest issue for sex abuse and assaults,we didn't hear about the un-wed mothers or forced abortions because close to 90% of the victims were males or boys.
Nobody wanted to use the Homosexual-pedophile term for Men2Boy rapes in the church,the media now calls these rapes as Child sexual assaults or sexual-abuse of children.

Next we will see the CBC report gang executions as a "Loss of blood to the brain" causing death because they don't want to label poverty/Drug-based crimes that can harm the chances to change and be a model citizen.

Anonymous said...

Levant is an asshole of the first degree