Monday, September 13, 2010

Margaret Atwood, colossal hypocrite

Ezra Levant in the Toronto Sun today:
Canadian author Margaret Atwood is a free-speech activist. She is the vice-president of International PEN, the advocacy group for imprisoned writers.
As a civil libertarian, Atwood defends freedom, even for odious people. Like Al Jazeera, the satellite network owned by an Arab sheik. Al Jazeera helps publicize terrorists like al-Qaida, who send snuff videos to the channel, knowing they will be obediently aired as propaganda.
... So imagine how bad the Sun must be — I’m talking about this newspaper, dear reader! — for Atwood to sign a petition demanding that a TV news channel proposed by Sun Media be stopped by the Canadian government.
... Peg Atwood violated everything she stands for, by asking the government to censor it.
From commenter "batb" on Ezra's blog:
There's no longer any doubt: Peggy Atwood is a CanLit whore, living high off the hog of ... cultural welfare. Without all the government largess, Peggy-I-can't-be-bothered-to-open-my-mouth-when-I-talk Atwood couldn't possibly be a millionaire socialist ...


hunter said...

Atwood is a Liberal promoted author. Have you ever tried to read anything she writes? She has been exposed as a hypocrite, who only supports free speech is it agrees with her world view.

JR said...

Hi Hunter,
Yes, I read Handmaid's Tale when it first came out. No doubt she has a way with words, but her ideas are definitely whacked out - lib/left claptrap. Haven't read anything else by her since.

liberal supporter said...

Why those nasty Yanks, starting a petition. The nerve! And, and calling people names! The horror! Since you'd have to be able to read to know someone said Sun readers can't read, it's obviously a joke. Not quite in the Ann Coulter league "lets kill some judges. ha ha I was joking" though.

Meanwhile, the NRA finances an anti gun registry campaign, but not a peep from the far right here. IOKIYAC, eh?


JR said...

lib, you knucklehead. Who cares who started it. Atwood signed it.

liberal supporter said...

Who is talking about "who started it"? Atwood signed a petition that is against "Fox News North" being funded not by the free market, but by the forced confiscation of cable subscriber fees.

You're all right with that? Or is this like the Senate, where the claim was "we have to appoint 18 CPC hacks with no other qualifications to the Senate because otherwise the Liberals will"? I thought the right wing was all about principles. Apparently not.

But of course the outrage was manufactured by Kory himself, such as freeping the petition, so he could resign after his hatchet job was mostly complete.

He was bounced because he failed to get mandatory carriage, and then he lied about it. He mishandled the Yankee petition against "Fox News North" and by doing so ended up creating a very negative juxtaposition with the NRA's gun registry lobbying.

But now we see a lot of the fake names on the petition were added by Kory or his friends, so that he could try to discredit the poll. He's smart enough to know that would backfire, so he could gracefully resign.

Now that he has broadcast experience, it provides cover for his appointment as chair of the CRTC, once an excuse is manufactured to dump Finkelstein.

Then he can give Sun TV the mandatory carriage he failed to get the honest way. Plus I am sure there will be a real Fox News North started by Rupert Murdoch to claim another mandatory carriage spot. Then Kory can get to work on his next project, the dismantling of the CBC.