Saturday, October 8, 2011

Message to PM Harper: "Defend the oilsands! Dammit!"

Lawrence Solomon:

Prime Minister Harper, it’s time to stand up for Alberta and for Canada. You and your government are allowing Canada’s oil sands to be tarred as an evil at home and abroad when they should, in fact, be seen as one of our greatest assets.
Two years ago, when Newfoundland and Canada were being vilified over another emotive issue — our seal hunt — you took our case to Europe during European Union trade talks. ...
... If a leader does speak up — as happened when Vaclav Klaus, president of the Czech Republic, told Czechs that global warming is a fraud — public opinion will swing in his favour. Only 11% of Czechs now buy the global warming theory.
Mr. Harper, we didn’t hire you to duck as Canada’s reputation is trashed. We elected you to stand up for Canada.
Even in the highly unlikely event there were significant AGW, Mr. Solomon's appeal to PM Harper to defend the oil sands is still correct. There is no viable alternative to fossil fuels available and won't be for decades. Until then Canada's oil sands are an environmentally and ethically sound source of oil.

Email the Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

A few years back (not yet Prime Minister)Harper made a statement to the effect that global warming was nothing but a wealth transfer scam. Since getting the (PM) in front of his name it looks like he is caving and doing a 180 . The question ... Was Mr. Harper lying to Canadians then or is PM Harper lying to Canadians now??

Rob C

JR said...

I suspect he's lying to them now. And I think he's doing it to avoid the backlash that he's afraid he'd get from eco-loons, other AGW alarmists and their supporters in the leftist media. It would be nice if the Conservatives aggressively fought back.

If SunTV continues gathering steam maybe Conservative backbones will be stiffened.

Anonymous said...

Harper doesn't care about Alberta. He gets all the votes so he will do nothing to make Albertans happy. It is in sharp contrast to all the goodies he gives ontaio and Quebec...trying to get their votes.

Harper rarely visits Alberta. He has spent the equivalent of 2 weeks in Alberta out of the past 4 years.