Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Adbusters!

Terence Corcoran - "March of the global anarcho-crazies":

... U.S. President Barack Obama said “the protesters are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration.” Mr. Obama obviously doesn’t read ‘Adbusters’, the anarcho-crazy Vancouver magazine that is credited with having started OWS last July with an editorial call-to-arms titled “#OCCUPYWALLSTREET: Are you ready for a Tahrir moment?”
... The bald and grotesque absurdity of comparing Wall Street (and the United States or Canada) with Egypt and other Middle East tyrannies should be enough to stop this exercise in juvenile political science.
... These are the same global anarcho-crazies — the same ideological anti-democratic trouble-makers who stormed the G20 in Toronto, attracted the Black Bloc, staged riots at free trade meetings, marched in the 1960s and 1970s — who are now using the same old violent property-seizing techniques they’ve always used to put forward an incoherent message that boils down to we don’t like the way things are, so let’s join a mob. ...
Never mind Occupy Wall Street / Vancouver / ..., someone, preferably CSIS and the RCMP, should occupy the Vancouver headquarters of Adbusters and start taking names and indicting nitwits. Adbusters’ declared aim:
Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century.
In short the instigators of the “Occupy” mobs are engaged in treasonous agitation and promotion of insurrection against the most free, most successful political, economic and cultural system in the history of mankind. They want to “topple” it. To replace it with ... what?


Alain said...

Based on what I have seen of the demands it all adds up to pure communism.

JR said...

A large percentage of the rabble's signs and slogans are certainly Marxist.

James R. Martin said...

Um, actually, most of the protesters are calling for less
corporate / money elite control of our political process. That is, they are agitating for democracy! Not against it.

JR said...


It seems that, in a way, we agree. Most of the "Occupy" mob lean anti-capitalist / anti-corporate. Kinda' like, ... umm, Marxists.

Also, there were many, many "We are the 99%" signs. Hardly. All you had to do was visit the shopping malls across the city to see where the 99% were. Parking their late model vehicles and shopping their brains out. Consumer confidence is high.

It's too bad these 'protesters' don't seem to understand that corporations and businesses operating within a capitalist sytem is what creates the jobs they need to pay for their cars, cell-phones, iPads, TVs and cable service.

Also I don't see how we could have a much more "democratic" society. Democracy is how we pick (or turf out) our political leaders. Every individual gets to vote and donate to his/her political party of choice. Corporations can't vote and are severely limited in their ability to fund parties.

Anonymous said...

Just because one is anti-capitalist does not mean they are communist. Let us not live in such binaries. Second, I saw lots of "don't make the same mistake the communists did" signs at the protests. For me, what some may call "a radical leftist", communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin - both deeply flawed. Also, if you go and listen to the chants, they are ALL ABOUT DEMOCRACY. We are all suffering a crisis of representation. No one's voice is being heard, except rich politicians, and greedy corporations. I think there is a lot of similar demands between the far right and the far left, and some possibility for dialogue. This is not about democrats and republicans. This is about real people with real concerns about this country, and let us not let that be co-opted.

JR said...

Wrong. Severely wrong.

Capitalism - means of production privately owned. This in combination with private property, free markets and free democratic election of political leaders is what we have or should aim to have. It's a proven road to prosperity for society as a whole. The 'poor' have never been richer or more free and able to improve their lot than in modern Western economies.

Communism - the means of production are state owned and controlled. A proven road to serfdom, tyranny and poverty ((more or less evenly distributed).

Two sides of the same coin? Hardly - opposites with one having spectacularly failed in every instance - the other a spectacular success.

Corporatate executives have too much influence? How, who? Can you be specific?

No one's voice is being heard? Nonsense. Communists and other totalitarian wannabe's get near
zero support from the electorate. Greens get marginal support. And partial socialists like the NDP get weak to moderate support depending on the jurisdiction.

What you seem to be griping about is your ideology's poor support among the populace. That poor support is because the vast bulk of the 99% are gainfully employed, raising families and leading decent, productive, prosperous lives.

"... Real people with real concerns..."
The "Occupy" mobs have no monopoly on "concerns".

Are there problems? Yes. When aren't there? Are there improvements we can make? Of course. Will "tearing the system down" as advocated by Adbusters improve things? You've got to be kidding!

The best thing the "concerned" Occupy mobsters can do is get training, get a job, earn money, buy stuff, pay taxes, count their blessings.