Friday, October 21, 2011

Sun News v. the state broadcaster

Further to this is Ezra Levant ripping into the CBC:

[Video from blazingcatfur]


Alain said...

I watched Brian Lilley cover this yesterday and was disgusted by the committe. Instead of an attempt to uncover the truth and get to the bottom of the matter the MPs were out to attack the messenger and to defend the CBC no matter what. As MPs they were a disgrace. One could find better behaviour and more maturity in first grade. Time to make it clear to the government that we shall not put up with this kind of show. We expect, and are entitled as tax payers, an investigation to discover the facts and then appropriate action.

Anonymous said...

Even if it was true that Quebecor received $500M over three years in public subsidies (an argument which I think the host pretty thoroughly undermines in this piece), it's important to remember that the CBC received more than double that amount over just one year alone from Canadian taxpayers!
Here's an idea: reduce the CBC's subsidy to the same level they claim Quebecor receives ($500M over three years instead of $3Billion over the same period) and let's see the two broadcasters compete on at least equal footing. Darwinism would soon phase out the state broadcaster under that scenario, I am quite sure.

JR said...

Good points.

Also I find it annoying that the Conservatives have been two-faced about the CBC. Every "survey" the party sends out to members with its cash drives asks for opinions on CBC's usefulness/performance. I have little doubt that these yield anything but negative answers.
Yet they show little real interest in changing anything and James Moore goes on bragging about maintaining or increasing CBC funding, even through bad times.

Hopefully, Sun News, Ezra, Brian, etc keeping up the pressure will change that.

Alain said...

For the CBC to compete on equal footing a lot more would have to change. Putting aside the fact that I have to pay for the CBC through my taxes even though I never watch or listen to the CBC, the present system is stacked in their favour. I have Shaw Direct Satellite in BC and once the free six months of SNN ended I called to request it be added to our package. I was told that as we had the basic package it could not be added. I suggested SNN could replace CBC, CTV or Global or all of them and was told no. In the end I was forced to take a much more expensive package to get SNN even though I have no interest in all the rubbish included. I even asked if we could not just subscribe to SNN since it is the only channel I watch when I watch TV and was told no. This has already discouraged a lot of previous SNN viewers from subscribing, so in the end SNN loses paying viewers. Frankly it would appear that it is done on purpose and it stinks.

JR said...

Yeah, the road blocks that the TV carriers have put in the way of SNN REALLY does suck. It should be available on the same basis as CTV and Global.