Friday, October 21, 2011

Religion of peace

Islamic killers behead Christians.

[Via Blazing Cat Fur]


Alain said...

No matter how some try to twist the truth it is always the same religion when it is about murder, violence and barbaric behaviour. While I know there are a few Muslims who speak out against this, I am still waiting for that "majority" of moderate Muslims to start protesting and demonstrating in the streets. Unless that happens I have trouble accepting that the majority of this religion are peaceful and moderate.

Patsplace said...

It's one of those things that brings to mind the Vietnam era expression: Kill'em all, Let God sort'em out.

JR said...

The number of truly moderate Muslims speaking out can be counted on one hand. The openly radical ones are too numerous to count. So it's hard to conclude that the silent majority are anything but dominantly radical.

In a story by Kevin Libin today covering Ayan Hirsi Ali:
"If western, democratic countries such as Canada intend to stay the way they are, Ms. Hirsi Ali says, they must be less generous when it comes to indulging their multicultural guilt. It is misplaced anyway: Canadians and Americans owe ..., she says, no special privilege to Pakistani or Algerian immigrants that should tempt us to indulge any potentially illiberal cultural demands."

Anonymous said...

For 10 year the MSM and the CBC would NOT report the Montreal mass-murder of 14 female students as done by Gamil Gharbi who had a strick Shariah law immigrant father that hated females and beat him and his mother.
It took CTV to have the guts to reveal tha truth about this Jihad for allah, but the feminists like Naomi Klein hijacked the deaths and blamed all males in canada for what a muslims did.
Klein should have known how dangerous it is too hold an entire grouyp of people guilty for someone elses sins as we saw in nazi germany, but because she chose to hate men it was the flavour of the month for the leftist-bigots to bash and now celebrate every December 6th thanks to the Liberals Multiculturalism p[olicy that ALL cultures are equal.
Chalk-up 4 more murders via Honour-killings to brown female muslims by muslim males for allah's cause as the feminists stay mute because they are in bed with the islamists for the mutual hatred for israel/USA/jews and the West in general.
CUPE is guilty to for endorsing hamas that murders gays in public and uses females and children as human shields, where's the outrage against hamas by the Occupiers and 99% of the oppressed campers with iPhones and University educations on grants from the sucker tax payers. These anti-Corp yahoos should walk over to the CBC studio and condemn the Wealthy/white/liberal managers gorging on $1.2 billion a year as kids need breakfest programs at school and single mom's are being evicted or in a massive debt.
They should protest CUPE and others for the obscene incomes and pensions as they vacation in Communist Cuba or the abject poverty Mexico with OUR tax dollars.
But NO, once they are done they go back to mommy in their $500'000.00 home and SUV witt the 54" HDTV and watch the CBC to see how our troops are War Criminals or how bad men are because 4 muslim males mudered the females in the family.
They should also protest GM and Chrysler that get Corporate welfare to make cars people don't buy, and then demand that Public Union pension stop investing in for-profit non-Unionized Corporation from the greed top retire earlier with more money as people sleep on the street.