Friday, October 21, 2011

The National Post smells like the CBC

This latest lame screed from Jonathan Kay, attacking Mitt Romney and the Republicans while offering nothing but praise for Barack Obama, has a distinct whiff of CBC about it.

Kay complains that Romney, et al, fail to credit Obama for recent American successes in the war-on-terror (keeping Guantanamo open, drone attacks on al Qaeda, killing bin-Laden, killing al-Awlaki, etc.) and now for winning in Libya. He also thinks Republicans unfairly attack Obama for being a weak, even anti-American leader (dissing America’s friends while apologizing for it’s alleged past mistreatment of everyone else.)

First, the American right (eg. virtually every commentator on Fox News) freely credits Obama’s prosecution of the war-on-terror and gives him due credit for Libya.

Second, Obama’s global “apology tour” is a fact. Obama campaigned on weak-kneed multi-lateralism and anti-Bush rhetoric (plus “Hope and Change”). The apology tours came early-on in Obama’s presidency and produced no discernibly useful results. His war-on-terror creds came later, after he began to acknowledge the real world (but continues to bash Bush).

Third, you’d think Kay was completely unaware that there’s a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION in 2012 and that the Republicans are in the midst of choosing their candidate. Only an idiot would campaign for that job by praising Obama’s performance. There’s no way Jonathan Kay is dumb enough, or ill-informed enough not to know this.

Conclusion: Jonathan Kay is, just like the CBC, blatantly in the tank for Obama’s re-election.

What’s really weird is that he’s selling out his journalistic integrity on the dopey, narcissistic premise that what he writes might actually make any difference. How much more like the CBC could he be, short of actually joining them? It looks like the Post’s mega$ relationship with the CBC includes swapping editorial content.


Alain said...

Praising one of the worst, if not the absolute worst, American presidents is confirmation of an ideologue, not a news reporter. There can be no doubt that this man is in the propaganda business, not the news business.

JR said...

It's sad. What I used to like about the Post (I'm a charter subscriber) is getting thinner and thinner.

Patsplace said...

I think the Lefties are beginning to freak!! This little experiment called Conservatism is getting out of hand. Too many people are looking at it.

Edmund Onward James said...

Indeed, Jonathan Kay comes across at times more of a liberal Jew rather than Conservative. His mother Barbara, once a professor of literature, is somewhere inbetween and on certain issues to the right.

But I have noticed the left has seeped in. Perhaps to counter and balance the comments. They need more readers.

JR said...

I agree, if Jonathan listened to his mom he'd be a much better journalist.